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A little about our philosophy 

We all enjoy a fast, easy, yummy snack once in a while while at work, or at the office, they make the day feel brighter and we even sometimes share a little bit, right?

Up until recent years the choice of snacks and beverages was mostly products that while very good-tasting they sometimes were not exactly healthy, this became a little problem with our growing desire to have healthier lives. Over the last several years Canadians have become more interested in improving our healthy habits. From jogging, to yoga, to walking, we are happy with activities geared towards improving our wellbeing.

Part of this health oriented trend involves good eating habits, but sometimes we all have a craving for grabbing something yummy, don’t we?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could help your employees and clients reach their heathy goals at NO COST to you?

At Yummy&Good we believe there is a way to enjoy a Yummy snack every now and then while knowing we are also doing something Good to ourselves, and this is where our company is glad to offer your workplace the opportunity to help your staff and clients reach their health goals without having to say “goodbye” to great flavours. We are glad to offer the kind of snacks people crave more and more, the kind of snacks your employees and clients can enjoy while choosing healthy products at the same time with the installation of one of our Snack Vending Machines

Yummy&Good offers a perfect mix of delicious granola bars, chips, chocolates, gummy bears and more and teas, pop, juices at no cost to you.

It will be my pleasure to visit your workplace and discuss this great opportunity and answer any questions to give your employees and clients maintain the healthy habits we are trying to follow

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